Granting Rights of Use

The Rights of Use for the use of the trademark protected word mark or figurative mark, Safety made in Germany will be granted for a period of four years and entitles the applicant to the usage of the logo for the submitted products and services. The entitlement to use the logo can be extended upon request.
An application for the Rights of Use for business and scientific entities such as companies, research and educational institutions, etc., is also possible under certain circumstances.
The vfdb is charged with the organization of granting rights of use.
The use of the logo is bound to an annual fee.
The vfdb can revoke the rights of use for the logo without giving the reasons for this action. Legal redress is excluded.
Revenue remaining from submitted fees is used to finance the goals of the vfdb and the SafeInno foundation. Thereby, it is ensured that the use of the funds resulting from awarding the rights of use for the logo will be used for non-profit purposes

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