The Goals

Safety made in Germany (SMG) is awarded to products and services that meet the high expectations and standards set by those in the civil public safety sector in Germany. The SMG trademark is in this respect, an international symbol for excellent quality in scientific, technical and service performance and is awarded exclusively by the vfdb (German Fire Protection Association). Through SMG, the vfdb is supporting the national and international level of quality of fire, work, catastrophe and civil safety protection as well as accident prevention.
At the same time, SMG is reinforcing the excellent reputation of German safety, including all the services associated with it, in the German economic and scientific sectors domestically and internationally. The SMG logo affords users and service providers many advantages. Moreover, the revenue received from granting the rights of use to service providers is used for non-profit purposes in the area of safety.

The Advantages

SMG stands for proven quality:
Technology and services carrying the SMG logo have been tested by safety experts in Germany who use them on a daily basis.
SMG provides an orientation aid:
SMG offers users in the civil public safety sector reliable guidance for procurement.
SMG means uncompromising quality:
Performance in the scientific, technical and service sectors stands for uncompromising quality – implemented in Germany.
SMG stands for the highest standards of quality.
Products and services carrying the SMG trademark benefit from the positive image Germany has earned in the international safety branch.
SMG promotes research and science.
The revenue received for awarding the rights of use is used to support science, research, education and other activities in the area of safety.
SMG motivates peak performance achievement.
SMG spurs employees on to maintain and expand high quality standards.